5 reasons why COSRX Products are the Sh*t.

Contrary to popular belief there are questionable K Beauty products floating around. And living in Seoul, where beauty stores are easier to find than ATM’s, means one is coerced into buying unnecessary crap. And If buying the unnecessary crap wasn’t enough, Koreans are a fan of […]

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#VIEWS – But Not From The 6

If you know anything about me, it’s that I am not a fan of exercise. A can’t do it, won’t do it but should do it type of relationship, is what I have with physical activity. Needless to say I was dragged by two friends […]


Cuisine Vs Comfort Food

My last dental appointment in London left me explaining to my dentist why he needed to fix as many teeth as possible. Healthcare in Korea isn’t free unlike the UK. And I needed to make sure I wasn’t in need of any type of life […]

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